Farm City Game Free Download For PC (New Version)

Farm city for pc is one of the tops most popular agriculture-simulation social network gaming applications and it is very interesting to play. This game was first published by Zega Studio. May be, children had some interest in the agricultural field while playing these kinds of farming games. In this point of view, these farming games play an important role. If you play a game, you have a target to complete that level. Nowadays, most of the games are like that only. We have a target or goal to achieve the level then only move to the next level. 

There is no problem in playing such a kind of game but someone may be addicted to those types of games. Such games trigger you to play again and again the same game.  So if they want to come out from addicting games, they must try this farm city game to avoid the addiction from the other game because there is no any target in this game and it is full of entertaining purpose only. 

You can sowing and harvest the land. You can get the harvested products and put that into the factory and then sell the goods. You can also plant trees and get fruits from them and sell them to the market. You may get coins by selling your product and using these coins you may buy more lands to get more products and you can also buy factories like feed mill, dairy factory, sugar factory, textile factory, etc. Mainly children would like to play these types of farming games. 

How To Download Farm City Games For PC:

First of all, you have to install an android emulator on your PC to download the farm city application. Without the android emulator, you cannot download any application on your PC. Mostly Bluestack android emulator is used to download the applications. Bluestack android emulator is like a play store on your android phones.
STEP 1: First, download the bulestack android emulator on your PC for the official website or click the below link for downloading it.
STEP 2:Now open the Bluestack and there is a play store icon, you have to click that to open it on your device.
STEP 3: You have to click the search bar and started to type the farm city on it.
STEP 4: Now you can see the farm city game from the searched list, from that you can select the farm city gaming application.
STEP 5:You can be started to download it. After the installation process, you can open the application and you can start to play the game.

Features Of Download Farm City For PC:

  • if you want, you can connect the farm city game with your Facebook account. It is not necessary to do. The notifications option is there. If you did not want it, you may switch off it. 
  • You can get a free reward by watching videos. You may also get a surprising gift and rewards in the upcoming levels. 
  • A question mark symbol is there that is used to tell us about how to play the game. If you forget how to play the game or do you had any doubts then you must clarify that using this option.
  • After playing this game, it takes some time to grow plants in the field and make products in the factory. So we quit the game but if all your products are ready means it shows notifications to get all the goods. It remains us of “your crop is ready to harvest” and “you can collect your animal products now”. 
  • In the setting option, there is a sound and music bar, you can use it, and may you can also change music in the updated version.
  • There is a decoration option that has been used to beautify the place where the player farm is present.
  • In the barn capacity option, you can get information about how many crops you harvested and know about how many products are not sold till now. By noticing the capacity of the barn store frequently, you can easily sell all the products without storage full. If the barn capacity is full even after selling the goods, you may have the option to upgrade the storage level.
  • There is a ship and trucks are used for transporting the goods.
  • You can get rewards in the form of two ways that are cash and coins. Coins are used to buy factories, houses, bungalows, etc, and also buy extra hen and cows.
  • There is a time limit for getting the production of every good. In which did you give in the factory for preparing process to sell as a good. You can wait for some time to get the products. If you did not wait then use the cash to faster the process and get your goods at a time. And using the cash you can buy extra space for making the products.
  • There are randomly some pictures are given. If you want, you can set a profile picture from that. You can also change the name of your farm city. 
  • After completing a level, you may get some rewards and then get new farmland, industry, etc. 


Now you can get clear information about the farm city gaming application, how to download this game, and know the special features of the game. Farm city means village agriculture and urban industry. So, it is a mixing of rural and urban life. I hope you can understand the above information about the farm city for PC. You can download this farm city game on your device and start to play. Share about the farm city for PC with your friends. Thanks to the people who are all reading my post by spending your valuable time and stay tuned to get information about other applications.

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