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Hi friends, Overwatch for PC is a wonderful first-person shooter video gaming application. This shooter game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Initially, this game was released on 27th October 2015. This game is available for only four platforms such as Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This game was released for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One on 24th May 2016 and for Nintendo Switch on 15th October 2019.

Overwatch for PC is a team-based shooter game. This match was played between two opposing teams of six players. Overwatch game provides good graphics and players can travel around the world in this game. Training mode is also available in this game. Using training mode you can practice shooting and aiming skills with any hero in this game. 

Overwatch On PC Gameplay:

In this game, first, you need to select the game modes and you need to select the character based on the offense, defense, tank, and support classes. Overwatch game provides several heroes for players. Each player has unique abilities, class, and own weapons. Select the character that suits you. Some of the best characters for beginners such as Junkrat, Solider: 76, D.Va, Winston, Brigitte, and Mercy. At the start of every match, your teams are assigned with either offensive or defensive positions. In that defensive team provided with extra time at the start of the game to set up their defensive positions.

Defensive teams are must protect and control several areas of the map. Defensive teams must stop the offensive team from attacking the areas. Also, you can watch yourself while playing the game. If your health is low then you need to search for health packs using the map and that health packs can help you to regain your health. You can also change the character while playing the game or when you die. In this article, we will see about download and install Overwatch for PC.

How To Download And Install Overwatch For PC:

Step 1: First, open your chrome or any other browser and you go to the official website “www.blizzard.com” and click on the “Download for Windows” option on your screen. 
Step 2: You can Save or Save as button to download the file. If you choose the Save option then the file is saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder or if you choose Save as an option then you can save it where ever you want on your PC. Now, the Blizzard Battle.net application is downloaded on your PC. 
Step 3: Click on the downloaded file from your PC. Select the radio button next to your language and tap the continue button.
Step 4: Click on the ‘Yes’ option on your screen page and that authorizes this application to make the necessary to your PC.
Step 5: Click on the ‘Continue’ option to install the app on your PC. After the installation process, you need to login into your Blizzard account or if you don’t have a Blizzard account then you create a new account.
Step 6: Now, click on the ‘Games’ section on your screen and click on the Overwatch icon. 
Step 7: Click on the “Buy Now” option and purchase the Overwatch game. Once you purchased the game, you can install the Overwatch game on your PC. Now, you can open and play the Overwatch game and enjoy its features.
Note: If you already purchased the game then “Buy Now” option not appears on your screen. Directly you can click on the ‘Games’ section and click on the Overwatch icon. Now, install the Overwatch game and start playing this game on your PC.

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Features Of Overwatch:

Overwatch game provides some interesting features for players. 

  • Overwatch game provides unique characters for players. Heroes are classified into three types. They are Damage heroes, Tank heroes, and Support heroes. Damage heroes attack the opponents or defend from opponents, Tank heroes can view a high amount of damage and Support heroes can help their teammates. Support heroes are the backbone of your team’s survival in this game. While playing the game, players can easily change their character. Examples of heroes in Overwatch games such as Ashe, Ana, Pharah, Orisa, Reaper, Mercy, and many more.
Game modes: 
  • You can play this game using many game modes. Game modes are Practice Range, Quick Play, Play/Practice Vs A.I, Arcade, Custom game, and Competitive game.
  • Overwatch game provides numerous weapons. Each player has their own weapons. Using weapons, players can kill or attack their opponents in this game. For example Roadhog’s chain hook, Zenyatta’s weapon for destruction, Pharah’s rocket launcher, Reaper’s hellfire shotguns, etc.
Map types: 
  • Based on the game modes, the maps are selected for the match. Overmatch map includes Assault, Escort, Control, Hybrid (Assault/Escort), and Push. Using the map, you can search for health packs, protect your areas 
You can also make voice chat with your teammates using headphones once you start the game. Players will be rewarded in this game for completing every level. Now, you can get full knowledge about the procedure for the Overwatch game for PC in this article. Thank you.

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