How to get new Beaston pet in Free Fire (New)

How to Get Garena Free Fire’s new Beaston Pet: Garena Free Fire’s new Beaston Pet is now available for all players in India. Let’s see the information about the new pet Beaston and how to get it in the Free Fire game. In the Garena Free fire game, pets are not only used for cosmetic purposes but also used for Gameplay with unique skills. Actually, the Garena Free fire game has 13 pets already and now it added the new pet called Beaston. Earlier, this Beaston pet was visible to all players, but the players are not able to purchase it. 

It is only available in the OB25 Advance server, so other players are trying to get it. Now, it is available for all players in India, you can get Beaston pet by paying 699 diamonds. The free fire team launches this new Beaston pet in the free-fire store. Each and every pet had a description. Like that in the free fire game description of Beaston pet wrote like “Don’t Judge by his looks. He has the soft skill”.

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Beaston Pet Skills and Actions:

Like other pets in the free fire, Beaston comes with a unique skill that helps the player a lot. Here, Beaston Skill is called “Helping Hand”. This skill will improve the throwing distance of grenades, including Gloo wall, Flashbang, and smoke grenade. The throwing percentage will get increased by level by level and the maximum percentage level is 30%. Apart from this Garena Free fire’s new Beaston pet has three actions that can be performed while playing. The First action is ‘Celebration’ which occurs when the player kills an enemy. 

The Second action is ‘Play’ which can be manually triggered via the command wheel. The third action is ‘Show’ which also triggered via the command wheel while playing. But this Beaston pet was a total waste for the players who don’t use grenades regularly. Otherwise, this new Beaston pet gives good pairing while playing Garena Free Fire.

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How to Get Beaston Pet in Garena Free Fire:

Free fire users can now directly purchase and use this new Beaston pet and its skin from the free-fire store. Before that, you need 699 diamonds to purchase a Beaston pet, otherwise, you won’t. Okay guys, let’s see step by step process to purchase Beaston pet on free fire,

  • Launch Garena Free fire game on your mobile.
  • Now, press the Store option on the left side of the home screen
  • From that list, you can select the Normal tab 
  • Then select the Pet section there
  • Now, search for Beaston pet and select the purchase button below
  • One pop-up will appears, it will ask you to confirm the purchase. Now, press the diamond button to complete your purchase.
  • For purchasing Beaston skin, go to the pet skin section.
  • After that search for Beaston Glacier and Click to purchase the skin.
  • Your diamond will reduce after you complete the purchase. 
  • That’s it. Now, we buy Beaston pet and skin with easy steps.

Final Words:

Finally, you get a clear idea about the new release Beaston pet on free fire and how to get it. Actually, this Beaston pet is a good pairing with Alvaro's Character. Now, you can easily purchase the Beaston pet and enjoy the unique skill of Beaston pet in the battle royale game. Enjoy and Have fun! Thank you!


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