How to Recover Free Fire Facebook Account -Easy

How to Recover Free Fire Facebook Account: Garena Free Fire allows the players to create an account using their Facebook details. Sometimes, lots of players experienced accounts deactivated due to Facebook or anything else. If you lost your free fire account, you can’t play, Right? So, today we will see how to recover a free fire account linked with a Facebook account? Garena Free Fire is the most popular battle royale game today. It was developed by dots studio and it is available for various platforms like Android, IOS, MAC, Windows Phone, and PC

It crossed nearly 500 million downloads on Playstore and getting very popular among the youngsters after the PUBG ban in India. New updating by the game developer makes the free fire game more exciting. In this stage, lots of people lost their free fire account due to their Facebook account deactivated. If you are looking for the steps to recover free-fire Facebook account ID and Password? Then you are in the right place. Keep reading and follow the step-by-step guide for free-fire Facebook account recovery.

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How to recover a free fire Facebook account:

We can easily recover our free-fire Facebook account by submitting the application. But before submitting your application on Garena Free Fire, you need to contact Facebook. At that time, you will get a reply from Facebook like your account was deactivated and not be activated. So, you take the screenshot or copy this email and attach it to your application in the free fire. 

Otherwise, free-fire customer service will not accept your request. After that, you need to create a new account on free fire and link it to your Facebook account. So, your old account data will be transferred to your new account now. Kindly, follow the step by step guide to free fire Facebook account recovery properly,

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Steps to recover Free fire Facebook account:

Garena Free Fire has a support team and is available for all kinds of issues. So, you get help easily.

  1. First, Open the Garena Free Fire game and search for Support Desk
  2. Now, Click Submit a Request option
  3. Then select Account loss as the type of problem. There are lots of issues available in that box like Account ban, Bug Report, Account loss, etc. You will select account loss to proceed
  4. In the description box, you will describe the issue. Here, you will mention your Player ID, In-game name, a region of the old account and new account ID, and In-game name.
  5. Again, in the below boxes, you need to type your Player ID, In-game name, and region of your old account in separate boxes
  6. Finally, in the attachment option, you need to attach the screenshot or copy mail that was sent by Facebook regarding account deactivation. 
  7. That’s it. Now click submit to post your request and wait for the reply

Important points to Note:

After the successful submission of a request to the free fire customer service, you need to make sure some important points, 

  • You only submit a request if your Facebook account was activated. Otherwise, you won’t
  • The E-mail addresses which you are given should be linked with the Facebook account.
  • There should not any recent login record on the lost Facebook account
  • If you are providing correct information, you will get a reply in 7 working days

Final Words:

Finally, you got a clear idea about how to recover a free-fire Facebook account. If you are providing the request information properly, you will get a reply within 7 working days. After that, your free fire account will get activated. I hope the above article is useful for you to recover free fire Facebook account due to deactivation. If you have any queries, contact us through comments. Thank you!

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